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In this ground-breaking book, you'll discover the potent power of persistence. Here's precisely what you'll learn:
  • Discover the true meaning of persistence
  • The gift of life that we've been given 
  • How thoughts shape our lives
  • Moving beyond struggle  
  • The strength of our belief systems
  • How to leverage the Law of Attraction
  • Taking massive action to achieve your goals
  • Surviving and overcoming failure in any situation
  • And much more....
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T. Coker

"The Art of Persistence" is the kind of book that you don't know you need to read until you've actually started reading it. It's insightful, down-to-earth and filled with a wealth of wisdom and thoughtful motivation in helping to realize and carefully cultivate "persistence" towards a better future. 

R.L. Adams brings a lot of clear and precise thoughts into persistence that was really food for thought for me, helping me to visualize the steps and the drive I need to my my goals in life a reality with the power of persistence. The writing is straightforward, honest and easy to understand, providing a great structure for readers to establish wonderful habits, thoughts and practices that make it possible to use them to achieve success in life. 

I found myself nodding along in agreement and making notes whenever I found a great thought or tip, and it gave me a great deal to think about when I finished the book. Overall, it was a great read that provided me with a wealth of knowledge, insight and advice about making my life a success that was well worth the read.

Alex Prosper

I truly needed this! The Art of Persistence is a deeply motivational examination of the power of thought and how and why we need to harness our thoughts to persist toward success. The book is very convincing and empowering in framing that persistence is positive thoughts put into action--without letting that action be stopped by negative thoughts. Adams offers lots of examples of successful and happy people who refused to let the rejection of others, or their own negative thoughts, stop their actions toward success, and these examples are inspiring. Each chapter adds education to help the reader understand what will help them persevere, what gets in the way for more people, and how to triumph.

In addition to education and inspiration, the book is full of actionable tips on all barriers to persistence, including time management, goal-setting and being resilient after failures and blows to the ego. This book is great to read cover-to-cover, and then to dip into from time to time when you need a pep talk or a persistence boost.


This is a very inspiring book about persistence and enduring hard times. The author does an excellent job of discussing how a person’s thought processes affect their lives. With his conversational writing style, it is very easy to read and not too technical. The author covers how negative thinking can cloud your mind and cause you to have more negative things happen in your life. But beside talking about thoughts, he provides excesses you can implement to rid yourself of negative thoughts and to think more positively. 

This book was very enlightening to me and I am glad that I found it. It's information has certainly made me think about my own thoughts and what it is I choose to focus on. Hopefully with the help of this book I will be able to change my focus. Definitely worth the read.

Latoya Brown

The ideas in this book are really basic, but this is a very important message to all of us: to keep it simple.

Commercialism tries to keep and maintain our attention all the time. There are a lot of "quick" schemes to lose weight and to make money, but in reality living is not quick and we fail and feel bad about it. I see from this book too, it is ok to embrace the failures. I know too many people who are afraid to make moves because they wonder what will happen if they fail. Well, you won't die, so why not!?

Read this book and get back on track.
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